Strong root because of natural extract

High Coir is a lightweight material and has good aeration and water holding characteristics and is used in mixtures for potting industry improving the properties in a similar manner like peat

Wood fibres have low bulk Bark is a relatively density, very high air capacity lightweight material that (good drainability) and very low water holding capacity. It has good rewettability and is free of weed seeds and pathogens. It also has high N- Immobilisation.

Composts can vary according to raw material used and to the exact nature of the process. Due to high levels of soluble salts and the very high pH of 8.6 compost cannot be used on its own and be a sole consistent of a growing medium. Moreover, compost has a low (5- 10%) carbon efficiency which is reflected in material mass and volume reduction.

Currently Limited Supply. Needs to confirm to higher standard of WRAP 2014 for growing media usage. Relatively high bulk- density and is therefore expensive to transport.